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We got nowhere to talk shit to each other. Lets do it here. Kinda like #scottlyf but hopefully won’t get locked/deleted.

So lets talk random shit like Gary Payton.


#muzlyf. they’re getting like 80 people in b grade. if i ever get gears happening again, then murrarie will be the first place i don’t go.

I only just got around to liking ‘NBA’ on facespace, really enjoying highlight reels again. I wish NBL was as interesting, but at least it’s on the up again.

Yeah I was thinking of going to Muz when CA send me the right licence in about a week or so. But my mate said the same - massive groups with everyone thinking they are in with a shot of winning it. Wouldnt mind doing some longer road races instead. Do QLD have many alternatives?

I have NBA league pass through my apple TV so I get every game of the season live in HD. You will have to come round and have a beer and watch some time!

heck yes I will! check out the Nundah criterium circuit calender (UNI and HPRW I think run events there) for crit alternatives, road races I don’t know much about, can I do it on my fixei?

Muz be grade gets capped at 35 per race, so 35 b1 35 b2
They hold open 5 spots in each for women so it’s not too bad.
There’s a high level of Hubbards going on out there though and at the end of last year I was seeing at least one crash per race.
So I either sat way down the back and moved up with a few to go or tried smacking it up the front the whole race.

Many Hubbards

Why so many crashes though? I used to race crits at Heffron in Sydney and there were probably 50% hubbards in C grade there, but only one crash every two months. Muzz track appears to be in much, much greater condition too.

numbers are not being controlled so much anymore Dayne from what I hear, crashes are invariably around the last bend, so you have a good 400m straight section to hustle up and then hit a right hand bend that dips into the finishing straight, it isn’t vicious, maybe its too simple, gives too many people the idea theyre in with a chance from too far back

Didn’t even have to send and email , got a reprint within the week.

I rang them up and subtly told them how retarded they were and I received mine today.

Was riding a part of ye old river loop today and saw a recumbent fucking mountainbike! He was laiiiiiiiiiiiiiid back


Problem is in c grade is every muppet thinks they are cav and no one wants to stick their nose in the wind, all it would take to change it would be rock up with a few guys and roll some quick turns and break away,I would also suggest a b1 b2 c and a d grade
Too many pricks in c are too slow and are just making up numbers,
Also a third of b should be in c.
The track is good I think the best spot to make a move is just before berry corner then you get a clean line through the corner and a clean sprint
I was racing every weekend before I moved down and was so off the crashes and the shit house job balmoral did.

anyone got any heads up on jobs going round town let a fellah know i’m looking for a change

hey so stuff and nonsense and lets talk about notepads? what size do you like best? colours?

Get them Rhodia jawnz.

how out of fucking control do you have to be, to be out of fucking control?

hi, i’m from queensland, by the way. i just sound like a victorian when i type.

there has to be some sort of reference available? who’s handy with the old google scholar?

A: If you pull the ugly old school mirror of the wall that used to be part of a vintage dresser at some time because there is nothing good to rack up off and you convince everyone there (easily) that it’d be a good idea to make one solid line around the whole fucking mirror and play pass the parcel till it’s all gone.

B: Be so wanker’d the bouncer asks you to leave a club full of totally wanker’d individuals and you happily reply “sure, but where is the door and your gonna need to hold my hand”

C: Your hanging out the back of a TukTuk (wanker’d) and you hear a bunch of dudes who are all “holy shit check that shit out” so make an effort to lift your head, open your eyes only to find they are all looking at you and the state of awesomeness you are in.

I recon their all a good indicator that you are out of fucking control :slight_smile:


Did all of the above happen to your “friend”?