Range Rover Road Bike "Concept"

Hmmm…chinese crabon frame…ultegra…generic crabon wheels & controls…

must…resist…hold…me…hold me baaaaack :rolleyes:

“Potential of Hydrogen” for the Brighton set?

good choice of tyres but…

lollin’! a bike for ppl that are generally responsible for mowing down cyclists without even realising…

They have applied the term ‘concept’ very, very loosely here. Concept usually implies something new…

what, putting a range rover sticker on it isn’t new?

Well I was thinking it might weigh 3 times more than a normal bicycle, have inappropriate off-road tyres for the city, and be styled like a brick.

Maybe it’s time some of the bike companies started making cars. Anyone for a Colnago station wagon?

I’ve had a station wagon with a Colnago sticker on it.

LOL. You’re already ahead of the game. Now all you’d need is a Range Rover bike strapped to the roof.

Bot my bosses drive landies. one has a disco and the other a shorty defender.

Fuckin sheeeeet, always breaking down on them