RAP Round Breeze NOW COMPLETE!!!!!

…Spuddy has done a lovely job and she is looking fecking lovely - Super nice lad indeed and a grand builder!!

Big thanks mate for going to extra hours to help me get back on the road and don’t worry always a first bone to break!!

I could just SCREAM at the moment!!!

Better photos tomorrow I think!!

…I had a squizz at your pony on the weekend, she looks hot-to-trot (or any other pony metaphor you fancy)!

however… are you really going to ride on that seat??? It feels like a piece of polished concrete! :wink:

mate that saddle is nothing - I used to ride a selle storkia which was a bit of leather nailed to plastic - this one will be heaven!

i got a hard arse as i do nothing but sit on the fecker all day… I can’t wait for her maiden ride! Wish me luck and once I get the idea I’ll be sure to find some of you for a razz around town!

You were sitting on his bike!!! :shock:
Is it like timeshare??

Would you sit on his girlfriend???
Timeshare?? :wink:

You were sitting on his bike!!! :shock:
Is it like timeshare??

Would you sit on his girlfriend???
Timeshare?? :wink:[/quote]

i aint got one…


Oh Lats… I merely prodded the saddle, and did not straddle it…

and no, I woulnd’t prod his girlfriend, even if he had one! :wink:

…cos I’m a gentleman. Kinda.

we could share if you had one and i could do an ‘i owe you’ kinda thing?


Now we’re getting into Gutter territory. i didn’t mean it to go this way, so lets get back to the bike.




Gappy, whens it gonna be finished? (Or should I ask Spud :wink: )

*wipes mouth

Nitto Stem and Bars
Velocity Aero 36
MKS Peddles
Kashima Saddle
Nitto Seatpost
Hatta Deluxe Headset
Shimano BB
Suzue Pro Max (Unsealed)
Sugino 75 / Zen Chainring
HKK Vertex
MKS Chain tensioner
Toshi Cloth

Hopefully this weekend so Spuddy tells me!

Which Nitto stem did you go for - the NJ Pro alloy or the NJ Pro Steel?

I’m trying to work out which one to put on my OZ frame

Do your velocity aeros have an NJS stamp too?


spoke tension looks a little low for keirin racing.

  • Joel

hmmm… was just wondering if there was such a thing as NJS approved riding clothing?



i wish.

WTF is the appeal of NJS stuff? The only reason Keirin came to be is because they do not have dog/horses(well not that many) to gamble on in Japan. I see it as a bit of a mickey mouse event.

The whole premise behind NJS is to keep the punters happy with the ods. It is also well known that the races are rigged any way.

I am personaly keen to keep NJS stuff as far away from my bikes as possible. Anything that is setup for gambling is evil. :roll:

If you are into NJS stuff you should also be made to dress like this :lol:

you’ll be an NJS junkie in a few years i can see it now mate - just a bit backwater thats all - dont worry about it too much!

Backwards? Still does not answer the original question. :slight_smile:


Backwards? Still does not answer the original question. :)[/quote]

I like NJS… and I don’t see much of it around compaired to say Italian items… so it is kind of like the new black for me.

Come on feel the NJS lovin and let loose!

Why don’t you like NJS?

Re read my original post. Gambling.