Rapha - not sure if serious


Can’t believe this is for real. The moustaches?! The overweight middle-aged dudes in pink and baby-blue?!

Man, like where can I sign up?

starbucks-sized über-grandé-venti sized cup-of-cino?
someone in the branding dept is gonna lose their job over letting that one slip thru the cracks

That is the target demographic for $10k+ road bikes. A lot of dentists buy into this dream…

aka the guys that stop all the LBS from going bankrupt…

if the cafe was in melbourne you’d only need to replace the moustache with beard and the rapha jersey with a fyxo one :wink:

Rapha, it’s over.


…oh my god, am I agreeing with Kanye?!

what the eff is this shit


They have a similar store like this in paris. It stocks only Rapha. and is such a fucking joke. I went in and was asked to remove my backpack as i look “suspicious” i was hot and sweaty after riding etc. Its sooo fucking lame. Almost like its based around a look and actually not riding a bike and having a good time?

Wouldn’t happen.

The trick is to look haggard, but not actually be sweaty,

Then you are rapha’d.

Not sure what the big deal is- do I need sound on my computer to make it funny?
Just looks like a bunch of cafe riders you see anywhere in the world.

This sums it up,
#61 Bicycles « Stuff White People Like
cuts a little close to home with that nitto, aerospoke stuff. . .

what the fuck is wrong with having a moustache and working in a boutique bike shop ₪₪₪₪?

^You guys should get a coffee machine.