Rapha Piss Take

Jahvahaah - Not enough cool to go around


I thought Rapha was a pisstake…

trigger will not be impressed

Upping the piss take ante?

If you didn’t quit FB like you did fixedies you’d know his opinion of it.

perhaps i’ll be able to discuss it with him IN PERSON!!! and have a good old laugh about it together

FB what is this?

I thought there was only FOA and Google they are the only things on my browser.

i seriously do not miss facebook.

Enjoyable, thanks for the link. Hopefully Rapha will file for bankruptcy too (kidding)

this is amazing

Agree with Designjerk. This is tops.

What did I say about it? Anyway this is old news, Blakey already showed it to me and I’m pretty certain I’d viewed it once before. Funny as hell.

From now on I will always have a can of easy cheese in my Rapha jersey.

hilarious. And that Rapha video that Zoltan just posted up. Bluurrrrrgh