Rauler brought back to life :)

Pearl powdercoat courtesy of Gripsport with the orig. decals from cyclomondo (ebay dude), soon to be not so clean at work :frowning:



that’s bloody nice!

i want some atlanta rims.

Nice spokes Corz, but ahhh, where’s the brake? :evil:

thats pretty super nice

Brakes are for Wednesdays…

oh, and nice bike corz :smiley:

It deserves a better saddle. The current one is fugly, otherwise sweet ride Napoleon.

Are those custom colour spokes, or off the shelf, or part of a pre built wheel set?

farkin sexeh!

porn !

Tried the SLR at work, it hurt my arse, tried the rolls at work, it hurt my arse even more, tried the $10 diamond back foam thingo, sweet… maybe my butt is sensitive!

Built the wheels a few months ago, Soma track hubs, half of the front spokes are painted by hand.

Brake schmake

haha props for the artfag black and whiteness

Very slick mate. :sunglasses:

love it, good work.

+ 1 :-o

How did you paint those spokes by hand?? Any special technique or paint?? Pre-laced or laced??

that is bloody sexy! :-o

Sadly, the Rauler has sailed to Odin at the halls of Valhalla… thanks for the good times and hard work…


what happened?

sure i saw you riding on russell on this late last week…

Pity… :cry:
"Live fast, die young’… for brakeless track bikes.

damn, it was so nice