Ravanello Track Pursuit - 2014 FOA Readers' Choice BOTY Winner

I’ve had this frame for over a year now, longer than all my other current builds. However, I’ve always preferred the aggressive look of the 700/650 pursuit frames, so I’ve always left this frame behind the others.

But recently, I’ve finally decided to put it altogether, as I really do need a 700/700c bike as my daily!

So, here it is.

Ravanello Track Pursuit

Ravanello Track Pursuit (Tange 2 Steel Tubing)
Ravanello/Hatta Swan Super Delux
Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Campagnolo Record/Campagnolo Record
Campagnolo C-Record/Toshi Single Strap/Campagnolo C-Record Cages
Euro Asia Import Silver Medal 18T/Campagnolo Record 48T/Izumi Gold
Cinelli Pista/Cinelli 1A
Selle San Marco Concor Sprint /Campagnolo C-Record
Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Campagnolo Shamal 16-Track/Vittoria
Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Campagnolo Shamal 16-Track/Vittoria

Thanks for liking all my other bikes, hopefully this more “traditional” and simple looking build will be liked as well :D.

God damn. Your daily is nicer than anything I own or will ever own! Can we seriously get a group shot of every bike in the one photo???


This would be one of my favourites.

I like the 700/700 pursuit & TT frames for than 650/700.

you are too kind! you’d never know that one day you might just find a hidden garage full of gems!

as for a group shot, give me a bit of time, i want to wait till all my projects are finished.

THANKS! :slight_smile:

Thanks! 700/700 bikes are growing on me now!

new setup

Thats it, mods… ban this guy for making me a raging ball of jealousy!

This is wicked but I think I prefer the campy’s on it.

yeah i’m with loki, everything looks better with shamals.

ha, thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

these are just the temporary replacement till the shamals get new tyres. been skidding too much on them… :frowning: the actual bike for these wheels just arrived last night. i’ll post it up soon.

oh, well, that’s different.

10 extra points.

fucking hell

The bike stand for this one is an empty jar instead of the champagne bottle so maybe his bike habit is finally hitting his wallet…?

In any case, this is another gorgeous, ridiculous bike. I like the original “daily” set up more too.


What crank & chainring is that?

Well done

:wink: this is gold!!

soon, i’ll be done with this bike hobby…


they are STRONGLIGHT Delta track crankset

I prefer it with the c record gear, it looks insane.


holy fucking shit balls… Thats amazing. Some rare parts right there!