RAW track 2016

thanks…bankstown is a bit far…tempe could be cool though.

Plenty ‘train’ on a Wednesday at Tempe, but no one active here. You’ll have to hang with all the DHBC muppets.

Thread dig!

Anyone racing this season? I’ll hopefully be there most weeks going off the front then getting spat out the back of Div 2.

ben and nigel i think div 3 :rolleyes:

eTomato (Alex) goes down regularly I think?

Div 6 for me Cameron.

Papa Spiz was murmuring about getting back on the track the other day too.

is there a crippled old man division? i’m gonna try and do it this year

going around and around in circles ain’t my thing homie!

Yeah I think he’s a few weeks away. But when he’s back the post race falafel will be most excellent.

Paging Henri, can we call it a comeback?

I don’t know if it’ll be this year. Been doing the gym thing for the last few months which has meant zero bike time. Plus I didn’t really enjoy the few nights I raced last year. Too many heroes in div 3 for my liking. I will get back to the boards. When is the real question…

Truthfully the level seems a bit lower than what I recall it being last year. Numbers also seemed down this week too. I had a good time tonight in div 2, but agree that div 3 was a bit of a nightmare last year.

If I can get a car I might come down for one or two weeks before I leave.

Saying that I have no fitness so I might just fuck around and stir div 3 and not finish the races.

Same as always then.

What about you Bob? Time to dust of the Dodici?

It’s just like chop but indoors and there’s Falafel with Spirito afterwards. I’ll also likely be defecting to RCC soon.

I’m back doing Monday nights at Tempe as a regular thing now. Can’t make Wednesdays though.

Might head out to RAW at some point for a bit of fun too. Haven’t done that for a long time. Won’t be a regular though.