RAW track 2016

Anyone gonna be heading out this season? First chance I’ve had to ride on an indoor velodrome. I’m still trying to track down a frame after the planet x went walk about earlier in the year but should hopefully have something built up before then.

Yeah I’ll be down and racing on my Clamont.

I’ll miss week 2 as i’ll be in Melb.

I’ll be down most weeks for the first half of the season. Not sure how much racing I’ll be doing this season.

I’ll be going as often as I can. Hopefully every week.

A grade?

Yeah lorday, I might give it a whirl. Knock James down a few pegs.

Is just coming to watch this any fun?


Cu Friday.

Won’t be there the next 2 weeks - I’ll be there the 8th. I’d recommend going the 1st July as its kierin night. Always a good night.

Aw mad. If there’s a novice grade this Friday, I’m gonna try head over with a m8.

There will be a noivce grade this week. Recommend getting there a little early to hit the track before it gets busy. Would offer to show you around but see previous page.

Yeah saw that. Was told to get in around 6, could be pretty hectic traffic from the inner West though.

Any tips for newbs?

There were over a hunnid riders in the first week which is pretty impressive but everyone of those sat in the same traffic as you’ll get to this week.

The faster you go the safer it is. Don’t stop pedalling. The polished concrete is slippery. Relax.
They send some a/b riders out with you in noivce who will give you plenty of advice while you’re ‘racing’. Listen to them and you probably won’t die. They know best.

I drive out there and its a pain in the arse, I fucking whinge the whole way out there but its always worth it. Heaps of fun.
I usually get there pretty early, and will be early this week as well. Come say hello, I have a purple dodici and a beard, and I’ll roll round with you to begin with if you want.

Can’t imagine you ever whinging about anything Bob.

Sounds good. Will take you up on the offer.

After much faffing about with various parts I’ll be ready to race this Friday. May get out to tempe on Wednesday night for a shakedown of the new bike etc. I am excited to be straight out the back of whatever grade I race in…it’s been a while since I’ve been on the track.

stupid question…but where is this track??

Dunc Gray Velodrome. It’s kind near Bankstown, ie Buttfuck West.

There’s also an outdoor track at Tempe, but not sure how many people here are riding there currently. RAW Track seems to be where it all happens.