Is anyone on here member of the RCC? And if so, why? I am wondering if this is just a club for people who have too much disposable income or if it really offers some benefits.
I am not part of any club and generally dislike the club atmosphere so to speak but if there is a club out there that’s more like a come together of like minded people I might join.

i think that just about sums it up

Hey Marc,
They offer quite a lot. There’s organised rides Monday, Wednesday (x4), Friday and Sunday every week.
There’s an app and forum for members to communicate and create rides within the app and invite other members to join or comment.
There’s monthly member get togethers, usually with a guest speaker or something… As well as monthly event rides, usually related to something going on in the pro tour. Recently in Melbourne members went for a ride and finished at an Italian restaurant for the Giro.
Plus there’s the transfer rides and bigger event rides like the prestiges. Later in the year there’s an event in Wagga Wagga for example, and rapha are organising a 2 day transfer ride out to the event and buses back afterwards for members.

Plus there’s the free coffee in the Cafe.

More information here http://www.rapha.cc/au/en_AU/rcc-application

The next get together is for stage 12(I think) of the tour, on the 14th of July. Bastille day an and info night on the Wagga Wagga Transfer weekend. We’re having a live cross to Mike tomalaris at the finish line at the top of Mt Ventoux. Come along and check it out.

We are in the process of finalising a club licence with CA so you will be able to race With RCC as well.

If you have any more questions flick me an message. I’m the Rapha Cycle Club Coordinator for Sydney.

Many thanks Bob, will definitely think about it.