Re Chroming?

Hi all, I am just wondering if anyone has used a company that rechromes and they have been happy with in Melbourne?

I am looking at rechroming some forks as they have tarnished way to far and no matter how much silver polish I use the fork still keeps some of the darkened matter.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Welcome to the forum!

Check out this thread, and maybe drop Malto an email. I thought this was about to be about aerosol consumption…

thanks mate…

will check the link and make contact…

just getting into fixed and have four dirty frames laying around my room and want to put them to good use and donate to friends once built so i have some goofy noobs riding with me… but i am collecting frames off the street quicker than i can do anything with them.

hoping it stops soon!

If you’ve made your way this far,
probably not, eh? :smiley:

no it won’t stop. Get a u-stow-it rented out so that your other half/housemates/family don’t committ you to an intervention.

I’m going to be getting some old cranks rechromed (yes that old, no you can’t chrome alloy) by a place in canberra recommended by another cycle restorer here. So it can be done. Forks should be easy, no engravings to be careful of.

  • Joel