Ok, so I have some undrilled track forks that I want to get re chromed for a project. I have done a bit of researching and came across a problem. Hydrogen Embrittlement? does anyone know about this or had any first-hand experiences?

I rang a local chromer and he quoted $130, I know this chroming is a hard process but is that over priced?

here is the forks in question.

That’s about on the money mate!

Chroming isn’t cheap!

A mate just got an old track frame and wanted the stays chromed and got quoted $400 beans.

I have about $700 bucks worth of Hard-chroming done to my pistol… if you want chrome, gotta pay the price! And in saying that, those parts are going to come under a lot more stress than a set of forks so I wouldn’t worry about hydrogen embrittlement too much!

Got to remember the WA tax!!!

Get the steelwool/autosol on those forks and clean them up as best you can and the chroming guys might look at it as a little easier (less prep work blasting them etc) or shop around!!

ANYWAY, more pics of the frame please!! Looks nice! You’ve got 3 weeks to build it and bring it to Poker-Cat!

Not only that … there’s very few places that do it right (for bicycles). None in Sydney that I would recommend.

Aaha yeh it’s all built up, just using some replacement forks at the moment, and Ill check my uni timetable to see if pokercat can fit in… Can you guarantee a prize to make it worth travelling?

Yep I have heard that’s the case in Perth as well. I rang a local frame painter and bike shop owner, who said he wouldn’t recommend anyone in Perth as they always seem to change staff. So one week, there might be a good chromer doing some work, and then two weeks later at the same place some below par worker could come in and give a poor finish. I’m stuck as of what to do?

I can’t guarantee a prize but I can guarantee free beer and good times! lol

where are you travelling from!!! If you are from down south i think there is a group of fellas comin up from rocko way!

At the end of the day, its $130 bucks! I know some people are better off than others, and I know I struggled while I was at uni, but if you want those forks just go for it. You might get lucky, you might not. But if its shit you can always get them to do it again.

Or hunt around for a nice set of chrome forks, undrilled, in good nick for less than $130… good luck.

or sell em to me =D

anyone have a recommendation for melbourne? stem and bars need a bit of work

no you should put your original mcbain forks back on your bike and sell the straight forks to scotty :open_mouth:

There was a really good place in Nunawading that is no longer open. I believe user:will had some good work done at a place in Prahran on his Merckx resto?

if you are asking for the bike I think you are asking for, you need to go all or nothing on it!

it’s the one, just worried the logo on the stem won’t survive the re-chroming.

good call on the chain, looking at 150-300 for a new one on ebay

Prahran Platers


$250 including rear triangle and head tube lugs :slight_smile:

yeah the logo on the stem might be an issue, you could always try and track down a badge to glue ontop of it :wink:

Markee, looks great!

well that’s annoying… wasn’t it my thread?

haha jase, I thought you said you weren’t buying anything for a while?

hahah…or maybe just sell the whole thing to scotty…hmmmzzz

well technically ive been waiting a while now for those forks…hahahah