Re: FAQ: How do I get into track racing?

Also if you ride track you will end up looking like this

Always to the left :confused: hahahah

Hahahahah, Nice one. I know that feeling all too well.

The other one is being a spectator in the middle and spinning like a top to watch the race.

Is it possible to do track racing without further enlarging my already gratuitous man-thighs?


Sean Eadie says you have pesky girl thighs, and you should man the fuck up :smiley:

The aerodynamics thing is incorrect anyway (refer Mr Burrows). Perhaps because you don’t often scrape your chin on the boards…

He does it caused he’d get a rub down after every race, and getting a massage with hairy legs hurts like crazy.

As for the beard? Thats so he looks like a pirate so he can pull busty wenches.


Now they are some legs!!! :smiley: :smiley:

Eadie is the best, i remember watching him race when i was younger and he really inspired me to get in to riding, espepically track. So much POWER!