Reader's Choice Awards aka Bike of the Year 2015

Once again, the official Readers Choice Awards (BOTY) are back!

There have been a lot of nice bikes posted in the ‘post your ride’ section during the last year. It’s up to you, as a member, to vote for your favourite fixed gear / tarck / track bike of 2015.

[FONT=Helvetica]This year, we have prizes to give away for both the winner and a randomly selected voter thanks to our good friends at Saint Cloud and Creux!

The rules are extremely simple:

1.) Look at all the bikes posted in the ‘post yur ride’ section dur[/FONT][FONT=Helvetica]ing the last year. They have to be posted between 01/01/15 and 31/12/15.
2.) Choose the bike you like the most out of all those bikes. It can be a track bike, street fixed, commuter, polo bike, conversion, trick bike, whatever, but… it must have a FIXED drive train (no road bikes or SS).
3.) The bike MUST be owned / ridden by a member of No other bike porn please.
4.) Post a reply to this thread with a link to the bike you choose. I repeat, post a reply in this thread with a link to the bike you choose.
5.) That’s it, you’ve voted for your favourite bike of 2015 on and you are in the running for a prize.

Voting will open from now and close at midnight 31/12/15. Any replies to this thread after then will not be included.

The bike with the most votes will be deemed the winner of the official Reader’s Choice Award and their thread will be stickied at the top of the ‘post your ride’ section for the following year!

Have fun voting!

[SIZE=1][FONT=Helvetica]Fine print: Any responses to this thread that isn’t voting for a bike will be deleted. Again, any responses to this thread that isn’t voting for a bike will be deleted. You can vote for your own bike if you wish, but do you really want to be that person? Once again, voting closes midnight 31/12/15, no posts after then will be considered. Any member on can vote (but making multiple accounts to vote for one bike will be frowned upon / user will be teased and/or banned). The poster of the bike with the most votes will win a prize, in the case of a draw I’m not sure what we’ll do, but let’s wait and see because it probably won’t happen. A randomly selected voter will also win a prize; the number of posts in this thread will be entered into [FONT=Helvetica][/FONT] , the number generated will correspond to a post number, whose author will win the prize. If the number generated is not an eligible vote, then a new number will be generated until we have a winner.[/FONT][/SIZE][/FONT]

Big thanks to:


I believe these are the bikes in the running: Dalai’s BT Stealth Kit’s Soren Son Track W’s Cinelli Mash nzkiddo’s Colnago Master Pursuit Lokione’s Teschner Pista nzkiddo’s 3Rensho Katana Track Mouldy’s Frezoni alittlerayofsunshine’s Menzies Custom Track alibi’s Szekeres HMC’s Euro VJWefxd’s Ave Maldea Track VJWefxd’s suite - you’ll need to specify. Kreyziest’s Cannondale Track CGMarshall’s Nagasawa Red nzkiddo’s Rossin Pursuit nzkiddo’s Panasonic a.davis12’s Vivalo Special hgcolor’s Olmo Pista a.davis12’s Colnago Kit’s GT GTB HLC’s Clamont Kit’s Farleigh Dayne’s Cinelli Kit’s Georama ardenpm’s Cycroc mini-velo a.davis12’s Colnago

Let me know if there are any I’ve missed.

coz I heart Rossin.

alibi’s Szekeres for me. Lo-pro, trip tri, bendy tubes, obscure marque, period correct build.

My fav.

cause biased

Beats the current eBay one hands down.

too good.

Because Cannondale… :cool:

Backed. 100%

Alex’s build is spot on.

^ yep the szelekzckwsikwz is excellent
Finally, my lo-pro project.

+1 for alibi’s Szekeres:

Sorenson was good, but Serafinowicz is gooder.


Always and forever.

Because that saddle!