Real Masi, Real nice

Sorry… this is becoming a bit spammy… but there is a lot of nice stuff up at the mo with worldwide shipping!
and out dollar is still kickin’ it, so we might never see a better chance to raise Aus stocks of great bikes.

70’s Vintage Bike Masi Gran Criterium Campagnolo NR - eBay (item 290428763792 end time Apr-28-10 02:55:12 PDT)

This bike is the real deal.

I’d much rather this one. The seller is also very trustworthy and I’ve had nothing but excellent dealings with him in the past. The bike is jaw dropping and perfect in every detail.

MASI Special Nervex lugs NOS/near NOS campagnolo! - eBay (item 230466738815 end time May-05-10 12:28:52 PDT)

Ah! yeah, i saw that one and thought it was a little too shiney and busy for me… but that’s just personal taste :slight_smile: