rear bike rack for track bike specific

Hi All,

My gf wants a rear bike rack so we can mount a basket/milk crate on the back and cruise with the dog.

i know we can get a front mounted basket type contraption but it wont work as she has over-sized risers and front brake levers which obstruct the clamping position. ( i have a wald one and its no good!)

Anyone know of any rear racks/baskets which will fit a track bike with no rear brake holes? or front baskets which will be shallow enough to securely fit a medium sized dog and work around the brakes?

or any other alternatives…

help is much appreciated. THANKS!

No I don’t think you’ll have much luck mate finding something that I think is reasonable and strong.

Your Platform For Adventure, bling bikepacking one

Welcome to BikeCorp - basic one which attaches to your axle, no need for lower mounting holes, you’ll need a clamp adapter for the upper part, it you can attach it to your seatpost.

Create your own luck,

  • Joel

thanks for the replies…i’ll have a look at that bikecorp one


There are quite a few which just clamp onto your seatpost, I have a topeak one which is quite good, I have this one, which I’m sure could have some kind of basket adapted to it.

Just get a normal rear rack and a bunch of these.

For the upper mounts these are fine, they just stabilise the rack. The lower mounts take all the weight though, I wouldn’t recommend using these things. They’ll deform and you’ll end up with the leg of the rack resting on your seatstay tube.

Seatpost racks are the most awful things ever invented, weighing 3x as much as a regular rack, twisting on the seatpost, having half the weight capacity etc.

If you end up getting a horrible seatpost rack though, get the Topeak as there’s a slide-on basket you can fit to it which is neat and tidy and easily removed. I’m going to be sick.

  • Joel