Rear hub

Hey all,
im new to the fixie scene well im not quite there yet as i need a little help on choosing which hub i should buy for the rear i have under $80 to spend and im not too worried if its not the best hub out there i just want a fixed gear.

i am currently converting an old repco traveller so also if anyone knows any good conversion webpages a link would be great.

Repco traveller will have a screw on cluster so suicide is the way to go, that was a crap bike when it was made.

search for sheldon brown website, best conversion guide out there.

also i read this on another forum today,


the first “fixed” bike i rode was on a suicide hub. I lock-tighted the lockring onto it (against everyone on this forum’s advice) and that is why i have a huge scar on my hand and i have a 6 inch strip on the back of my head that wont grow hair anymore.

spend the money to be safe dude. im lucky im not fucking dead.

I believe the Velocity fixed hubs are about $70.00 each. I would recommend them as a solid, value for money hub. They’re not amazing but they are perfect for the street.

-Fixied/free threads
-Sealed bearings
-High Flange
-Pretty durable (mine are still going after 1 1/2 years)

Abbotsford Cycles usually have them in stock.

thanks for the first reply

and i’ve herd too many bad story’s to go suicide hubs!

Leave the brakes on and you will be fine, the bike isn’t worth the $80 for a new hub, litlle alone another $50 minimum to build it into a wheel.

But if you get a decent rear wheel, you can use it on the, inevitable, 2nd fixie. :slight_smile:

SUICIDE… SUICIDE…SUICIDE… You dont need skin on your knukles anyway it makes you look tougher. like the guy who rides the manly bike :wink:

Suicide hubs wouldn’t be an issue if people knew how to affix the cog properly. Loctite is for muppets.

Not if you use loctite liquid metal… Your not going to be able to get it off though. :slight_smile: