rebuild - late 80's colnago master - fixed to geared

just thought i’d share some pics of my old colnago i’m in the process of rebuilding.
I’ve had it for about 5 years and have always had it setup as fixed but recently started gathering parts to run it geared.
I went for 2012 campag centaur. I’ve yet to decide on wheels but i’m leaning towards building up some wheels with 2009 campag record hubs, dt spokes and mavic open pro’s.
Here’s a pic from quite a while back:

Back then i had nitto stem, bullhorns, thomson post, gold ano phil wood rear hub, cheapy gold front hub and velocity rims (also campag cranks/bb)
Pic from this arvo (apologies for the shoddy phone pic):

I got rid of the original wheels and built up the current set which are phil wood high flange hubs and velocity rims. Added a thomson x2 stem, itm bars and the campag group. Also have a san marco concor supercorsa saddle which will go on this weekend.

I’m not too happy with the profile stem adapter, it kinda looks out of place really so i might go back to the quill stem and find some nice road bars to suit. Happy to hear opinions on stem & handlebar choices

looks good man.

id go quill and some nice road bars imo…

Yep it looks much better now. I’m in the same boat re stem adapter. I hate the look of it but much prefer modern bars over old

If you are going to use a quill adapter, slam the stem. It’s the only way to make them look good. Otherwise you need to get yourself a quill!

Try Cinelli Eubios or touch if you like new bars,
Stem adapters do look terrible.

Can you put spacers ontop of the adaptors?

you could cut the adaptor-I know Shifter Dan did this for someone recently, and a black one would work a whole lot better, but it does look out of place sticking that far out!

wiggle are selling cinelli quill stems and bars. others may be too, but its a start.
$80 for the stem, same for the bars.

Slam the adapter as deep as possible in the steerer, clamp your stem on as low as possible, if any hangs out the top, measure it and chop it off! Easy :slight_smile:

Awesome. will have to suss it out!

i have a precisa chrome 1" steel colnago fork you can have for not much moneys if you would like? solves all your problems.

Have removed the stem adapter and gone back to the quill, just waiting for some cinelli bars to show up in the mail.
Unfortunately i’m away for all of may so everything has been on hold:( I plan on ordering bits for the wheels while i’m away so i’ll be able to continue on as soon as i get back.
For wheels, have decided to go for campag hubs (the 2009 c-record hubs) and just some mavic open pro’s.

Pushy is pretty much done, undecided about switching over to some look pedals or whether to keep the spd’s on there

I ditched the stem adapter and put the quill back on, got some cinelli bars to suit (had bullhorns on there when it was fixed)

I was going to build up some campag/mavic wheels but ended up just taking the fulcrum wheels from my other roady and using them on this.
So far so good… Dont know what others think of new campag brifters but i rekon my older c-record brifters feel a little better than the new centaur? I seem to need a really light touch on the centaur…maybe it just takes a bit of getting used to

looking good, you may want to consider a bigger frame

Nice build. Looks great!

i rekon the frame size is spot on for me.
i take it you think the stem is a little high? it’s not out past the min insertion, however i might drop it 1cm or so and rotate the bars a bit higher. At the moment it feels a little long when riding in the hoods

the set up does look a little awkward, might be worth considering getting a fit done, or doing some quick googling and you tubing for bike fit measurements if you can’t afford the fit.

Bike is looking great though, nice work

im no fit expert, so i can only assume your body proportons relate to longer legs and a shorter arm/torso?

Seems like you could use a few more cm in the ST and HT

The fit is weird,
But I see so many people with with the seat way too high be abuse they point there toes at the bottom of the stroke.
Not saying that’s what you do but you would be better off with a 2cm bigger frame and a shorter stem,
Same reach but less seat bar drop.

Have noticed a little toe pointy action going on so i’ve dropped the seat about 1.5cm.
Also dropped the stem a bit and rotated the bars back a little
This weekend i’ll measure it all up against my other roady and see how far out things are.
It’s kinda weird, when it was fixed i had a different seat and bullhorns, the pushy felt fantastic to ride.
Now its ok, but not as good:)
Just need to fiddle around a bit to get it back to that good feel rather than change the frame