Recall! Zipp 88 hubs

Cheers, think mine is one of them.

SRAM have a pretty bad run with recalls

Have Zipp ever made a hub that’s not a lemon?

best bet is get rid of every zip product you own and then enjoy you life.

Interesting that the recall period begins at the exact date SRAM purchased Zipp…
Really doesn’t give you much confidence in SRAM, does it.

How do I tell if I have the 88 hub? Mine is black and has spokes.

Pic’s in the link Rhys, Beyond Black hubs not affected.

if you break your face they were the wheels.

I’ve also gotta chase up possible warranty about a sram Rival 10spd rear shifter. The double tap lever literally just fell out. Apparently it’s a really, really common problem (but not potentially deadly, so no recall…)

That and the hydro brake recall.

Yeah sweet as I read the article and I’m good.

People have problems with sram? That’s unfortunate.