Recent Product Recalls..

NITTO Risers - B259AA
Recall: Nitto Riser Handlebars - Bike Rumor

2012 GIANT - dodgy forks on:
Defy Advanced 2 MY12
Defy Advanced 3 MY12
Avail Advanced 2 MY12
Giant Bicycle Co Pty Ltd

Specialized Recalls 2012 Tricross Bikes Due to Possible Carbon Fork Breakage - Bike Rumor

this could be worthy of ‘stickying’ in the help section perhaps?

EDIT: Done… thanks Sime.

FRF Sports - Argon 18 E-118 TT Bike

Southcott Pty Ltd - Felt MY10 B12 and S32 Triathlon and Time Trial Bicycle Forks

Giant - GIANT 2010, 2011 and 2012 Juvenile Bicycle Models

- Gore Ride-On Cable Systems - GORE Low Friction Brake Bicycle Kits (Black Kit and White Kit). The cable system is designed for Campagnolo® brake systems. - Fuji-Branded Saratoga Step-Through Ladies’ Bicycles (2009 & 2010)

Just noticed another on BikeRumour…

SR Suntour Suspension Forks (Chinese made) 17,000 recalled for GT, Giant and Trek.
Details here:

But a check on the Aust Government recall site shows recent recalls on…
GORE Ride On Cable systems
Felt MY10 B12 and S32 Triathlon and Time Trial Bicycle Forks (No one here would own one, would they?)
ARGON TT bikes… yuk!
And the most potentially dangerous for site users here… Nitto B259AA Alloy Risorz
Details here:

Safety Recall: Salsa Vaya & La Cruz Bicycle Forks | Salsa Cycles

Since I have noticed a few folks here have Vaya’s/La Cruz’s

Uh oh…!

Voluntary recall of road mechanical disc brakes

S-Works Evade
Specialized Bicycles

What are the defects?
The front strap hanger moulded in to the helmets may crack or become dislodged causing the helmet to come away from the head.
What are the hazards?
There is a possibility that the helmets may not provide adequate protection to the wearer in the event of an accident and may increase the risk of injury to the wearer.

Just got sent this:

The problem effects the plastic tow hitch. Our trailer was effected. Burley are sending me a safety strap which corrects the problem.

They’ve sent me a 20% promo code too. Anyone who wants it can PM me.

every zipp front hub made i the last 7 years.

And the skewers. Got an email about it about a month ago. Im thinking this is a little bit fucked as I used those skewers for a year and a half or so. Anyway, my fault being a wanker wanting to run WW ti skewers.

Good thread btw, didn’t know it existed.

^it was only a very small run of the skewers affected (compared to the number of hubz)

Might not be the right thread, but this is the closest to ‘warranties’ that I could find.

I got one of those ‘loose pedal threads on a carbon crank’ situations. SRAM Force22. Did SRAM acknowledge their faulty cranks or did I imagine that? Was going to give them a call during the week, but wanted to know if anyone here has had any luck with warrantying cranks with faulty pedal threads? They are just under 3 years old, and after poking around their website, they only say that they have to adhere to Aust Consumer Law regarding ‘reasonable lifespan’ of products, which I do not reckon <3 years would qualify as reasonable… Thoughts?

Those IKEA blt drive bikes got recalled too…

Avid Single Digit 7 V-brake recall:

Affects brakes stamped with a date code 01JUN14 and 26MAY17.

I had a pair affected from 2015. Got them replaced. But the replacement set is also subject to the recall. So back I go again.

Hmm, I just checked Lucy’s bike and she’s got these, How painful is the replacement process

Not painful at all. Take them into your LBS and they will get SRAM to send out a replacement. I dropped mine off at Cecil Walker on Elizabeth St and had replacements from SRAM within a day.

Also, turns out that the 23MAY17 replacements I got are ok, despite having a code within the recall range. SRAM assures me they are the updated version and ok to ride. Keep that in mind dalli as you’ll probably get the same batch replacement - it’s all they have in the country.


Yo MikeD, will Good Cycles do this for me?

Yep. Shouldn’t be a problem

Thanks for the heads up on this diddy, MikeD sorted me out with new brakes and one of Lucy’s old brakes had actually started to fail.