Recommend Me a Bike Shop

So a friend of mine is looking at a Cannondale and doesn’t know where to get one in Sydney.
He lives around Bondi but has easy access to the city.
What would everyone recommend?

Move to Newcastle

Only dale dealer I know of is Jet Cycles in the city. They’re okay as far as big shops go I suppose.

2 near me (innerwest) that stock Cannondales

King Street Cycles - Newtown

Bicycle Garage - Lilyfield


Panthers cycles in Penrith has imported cannondales since forever. Bit out of the way but they are a knowledgeable bunch!

You actually can’t physically get any further from Bondi and still be considered to be in Sydney. Geez, I just had a look, it’s 65km.
That said, 2 trains would get you there quite easily, but there’s a day gone.

+1 for Bicycle Garage, good guys who know their stuff (unlike the other shop mentioned).

They also do pretty good coffee and sweet things (from haberfield bakery I think)