Recommend me a crankset

I’ve had a couple of problems with bottom brackets; first I broke a Shimano 600, then a Shimano UN55 keeps clicking. Rather than keep dealing with square taper BBs I’m thinking of just going to an external.
However, this then means I’ll need new cranks. My roadie has a Shimano 600 groupset and I would love to closely match the style/look of the current crankset if possible. I hate the look of modern Shimano cranksets but love the look of this
Is there anything else that looks similar, in silver, that will work with my 600 derailleur and 8 speed cassette?

Power torque is not worth the hassle IMHO
It’s ok if your buying as a group

I’d just get more square taper bottom brackets.

Yeh, I’m not looking at getting Campag specifically. I just used that as an example of the style of crank and chainrings I’m interested in

Buy an SKF bottom bracket and never ever ever think about it again.

Depending on which modern Shimano cranks you don’t like, a 6600SL in ice grey would be a reasonable match for 6400.

Or you can buy a 600 crankset and/or BB from me :slight_smile:

Jase: thanks, it looks amazing but way out of my price range for this bike.
Balkeyplzzz: thanks for the recommendation. I’d never heard of them and will track one down tonight.
Snowflake: that actually looks heaps better (to me) than regular modern ultegra but everything else is silver and I want matchy matchy.

Can you get a 6600 in silver?


From memory, 6600 is silver and 6600SL is grey.

I’ve never had any problems with wearing out/breaking good square taper BBs (shimano UN55 and up)
SKF as blakey suggested are supposed to be the ducks nuts but i’ve never seen the need as i can’t brake the UNXXs i currently have.
I have had creaking from lose BB cups before and it might be an idea to get your BB shell chased and faced

The current UN55 BB isn’t broken as such; I’ve ridden about 3000km on it while clicking. It’s just annoying and I’ve removed, cleaned and reinstalled. It helped for a couple of days the returned. I’m just going to go with the SKF I think, and will do the chase and face

Commuter keep the skf in stock and can chase/face also.

I’m in Canberra, but I saw their website. I think Keith can chase and face, if I ask nicely enough

Ordered, and getting the shell all sorted on Wednesday. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Keith sorting yr BB shell. SKF in the mail?

you won’t be sorry. 10 year warranty including the bearings :wink:

Yep and yep

Almost unbeatable! I have a set of tools from my grandfather which have ‘unconditional lifetime guarantee’ stamped/printed on them. Wish everything came with that