Recommend me a rack and laptop compatible panniers

Its starting to get too hot for me to enjoy lugging my 15.6" laptop + change of clothes (incl shoes) + food to work in a backpack everyday, so please recommend me a rack & a pannier which is designed to take a laptop of this size in waterproof comfort and can fit all that other crap as well.

Its to go on a CX bike, with eyelets and rack mounts on the seat stays with mini V brakes.

It would be nice if I could leave more stuff at work, but not really an option at this point (I am a contractor, and its a very small office)

Get a smaller laptop?

Tubus rack (Vega, Fly etc), and some sort of Ortlieb pannier, be it a roller, packer, or their commuter line.

Yeah smaller not an option either, I am a developer. Need a min 15.6" full HD laptop with a real i7, not a low power i7 (ie what they have in ultrabooks)

Same advice above applies.

I was using a stm sleeve in a small 20 litre Ortlieb front roller (on rear rack…will not fit your size 'puter) when i went OTB hard last year. The bag came off and thumped on road. Computer did not say no, still worked.

Ortlieb roller/ any rack will do.

Thanks all :slight_smile:

Just purchased a set of C50’s (for the roadie), apparently going faster is more important to me than being comfortable. I’ll keep an eye out for panniers and rack whilst I save up again though.

Could have gotten C24’s and spent the remaining 26mm on a rack!

Take an extra shirt to change into when you get to work.