Recommend me a step through

So after about 15 years of trying I finally got my wife on a bike over the Chrissy break and she’s now keen to get a step through/mixte for family fun time rides with the kids.

I’m keen to encourage this so willing to spend the coin if it means she will rides it more.

I’ve been researching and come up with

NEW Mixte Bicycle in Melbourne, VIC | eBay

Am I better going one of these new ones or trawling ebay/gumtree for something like this

Ladies Bicycle - PUCH - Made in Austria | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Darebin Area - Alphington | 1065774013

I think she’s probable a 53-54 if anyones selling something nice


This is hers for $1750

Size 54
Kumo Cycles Mixte | Cycle EXIF

I built up my miss’s an SS version of the ebay link in Melbourne above, their a pretty good frame, not real heavy and finished well. I got the nice dia-comp brakes and mini rack off the guy aswell separately, nice guy did me a good deal.

That Kumo but.

If you have the funds, I highly recommend picking one up.

Done, Who could resist His and Hers bargain Kumos

I’ll email you.

Good choice on the Kumo, I picked up a Puch like that one, its heavy and quite wobbly and the steering is very twitchy. Its better when the rear rack is removed but still not hugely comfortable to ride.