Recommend me some compact drops

I’m running some alloy FSA Wing Pro Compacts that I really like. But a new roadie build and I’m thinking carbon (for weight and some road buzz). Say what you like about carbon vs alloy but I look after my kit and I’m confident quality carbon will be fine.

Tossing up between the following and wondering if anyone has some views compared to the FSA Wing Pro:

3T Ergonova Team - $250 Bikebug (they’re $237 on CRC/Wiggle but I want the Stealth ones)
3T Ergonova LTD - $299 Bikebug - (marginal weight saving and slightly stiffer?)
ENVE Compact - $329 on Pushies (seem to be an older version at 220g, the new 195g ones are $450)

I’m tempted by the ENVEs because I know it’s super quality kit and I hear they’ve nailed the ergonomics. But if I can save $100 with the Ergonova Team and not notice all that much difference I will.


(Probably the only point of this thread is to have you confirm that I want the ENVEs)

FSA K-Wing compact? I went to these from the FSA Wing Pro on my C5.

I have the same bars, just not compact drop. They have a longer reach than the others you’ve picked though I think.

I’ve been on the ergonovas for quite a few years now. Love em. Definitely recommend. Got the team, I don’t think the jump in price between team and stealth is justified.

I’d venture to say that the difference in price between 3T and Enve is due to hyyyyyype more than anything else. 3T have been around a lot longer than Enve, and know a thing or 2 about ergonomics/quality/cyclists needs etc. But the Enves look great for sure.

No love for Deda? Im a big Deda fan, so id throw the Superleggera into the mix

Ritchey Streem II?

Oh, one thing that is a pain with ergonovas - the silly internal cable routing. Very fkn hard to make it work, but doable. I wish they’d have a groove rather than internal routing. Or nothing.

Hmm, all possibilities.
The top section of the streem looks great so that’s a possibility.
I’ve got the Deda Superleggera seatpost, so the bars would match (and they’re cheaper on CRC at $200) but the drop might be too deep and they may be too stiff for my riding style (a bit of gravel and rough roads).

+1 Ergonovas or the newer Aeronova is they do it for ya. My older Ergonova had a groove rather than internal too… maybe some NOS floating around on the inter webs??

The alloy version have a groove, carbon is internal.

I have the LTD stealth edition. I use the alloy version on my cx/commuter/gravel rig…I like them a lot. I admittedly didn’t assemble my new bike with the carbon version but Spirito may be able to confirm what Seb said about them being a pain to run cable. I run di2 so maybe not as big an issue on my bike.

The zipp slc2 also has two drop/shape options, both of which are pretty shallow and apparently stiff as hell.

The enve’s look nice, if they made a 38cm version I potentially would have been swayed to match my wheels. I don’t notice much in the way of road buzz dampening but the carbon 3T’s are nice bars all the same.

Also if you run them in a particularly narrow size, mounting accessories like a garmin/light can get a bit cramped due to the ovalised top, but it’s a small price to pay for the comfort factor when you’re on the tops and everything else I like about the bars.

I have the enves, they are rad get the Enves :smiley:
you know you want the enves.

damn teh price has come down! got mine for $550 last year.

+1 Ergonova. Have crabons on the Pretty Baum and alloy on the Country Baum.

Have slightly spongier/thicker bar tape on the alloy bars.

Just ordered the Ergonovas.
Then I read skullmtn’s post.
Now wishing I got the ENVEs.
Some days it’s hard being middle class.

I had 3t ltd ergonova on my parlee and they are less stiff than team and far less stiff than my new rotunda alloy.
You can’t beat 3T

FWIW: My carbon Ergonova Teams have a groove for the cable routing. Not internal.

And I love them

The switched from groove to internal about 2.5 years ago I think, be cautious if any one buys new or used online as most are fake on eBay.

Spent about an hour last night cabling up the Ergonovas. Oh man.

In the end I found it worked best to push through the inner cable first, grab it with some fine pliers and pull it down, then thread the outer cable onto that and guide it through. But it took a while and was not fun. Also annoyed because I mashed some good cable housing doing it wrong the first time.

How hard can it be to isolate the internal cable routing from the rest of the bars?

or vacuum + cotton?