recommend me some facebook buy sell swap groups

I’m downsizing and planning on moving from a big house with 2 sheds to a unit and I’ve got a shedload (actually 2 shedloads) of stuff to move. Bicycle stuff, power tools, camping stuff, gardening stuff. Gumtree isn’t working that well, and I’ve already got 4 or 5 ads here and bvforums, so what are the best Facebook Buy, Sell and Swap groups in melbourne?

buy/sell road cycling victoria (i got banned from here because the admin got sad that i bought something that he wanted to buy, buy him aside its a good group), Bicycle Market. the facebook sucks for selling things though, the number of dipshit questions and lowball offers of “i give u 100” you’ll get…)

what power tools/gardening stuff you got?

I’ve joined a few in the past but left them pretty quick because so many bullshit posts. Now I can’t find the good ones.

As for power tools - I’ve got a little jigsaw, 230mm Ozito angle grinder, heat gun, soldering iron
Gardening/landscaping stuff includes lots of timber, garden bed barriers, treated pine posts, star pickets, terracotta pots, outdoor funiture

I’ve sold a fair bit of stuff on this fb group.

Facebook is kind of a pain for selling stuff, due to the sheer amount of users and posts stuff usually gets lost in the abyss pretty quickly.

Bicycle Market, Bicycle Market Australia, Melbourne Buy/Sell Road Bikes, Bicycle Buy Swap & Sell - Australia, are all groups I’m part of. Never sold anything, bought a bunch of stuff though.

For the more generalist stuff it would probably be easiest to find a local buy swap sell group specific to the area you live in.

Agree with FB - i reckon there’s 10 responses for every sale. Mostly grating, annoying and pointless.

“why are you selling?”

Buyer: ‘What depth are the drops?’
Me: ‘Model number listed, google it.’
Buyer: ‘I’m at work and don’t have time’
Me: Sends LMGTFY link.

I had one today - selling a camera.

“How long do you think it would remain in a fairly good condition?”

There is almost a stand alone thread in the making here:

User: ‘Is the price negotiable’
Me: ‘o.n.o. - written abbreviation for or near(est) offer: used in advertisements for things that people are trying to sell to show that they will accept slightly less money than the price they are asking for: Ladies’ bike - excellent condition. £80 o.n.o.’

I seem to be the anomaly when it comes to the buy/swap/sell groups - if I think something has been put up at a decent price, then I will consider it with the price in mind. If the price is too high, I might consider making an offer, but most likely I just won’t bother.

My best was selling a workmates garmin on Gumtree. Did an ebay search for completed sales figured $70 was average, listed for $70 figured people would offer $60. Dude texts within hours of it being listed " would you like to consider selling it for $35?" Me: " only just been listed, would you consider buying it for $60" . No response, three days later " well how about 5 million dollars is that enough?" Me: “yes sure, cash is fine”.

^ That was the just NZ exchange rate, wasn’t it?

Prospective buyer: what is the lowest price you would consider selling?
Me: what is the highest price you would consider buying?

I’m the same. If something is way overpriced I’m not even gonna mess with it. Looking at kid’s bikes at the moment, identical models can be advertised anywhere from $45 to $180 in similar condition. No way am I gonna try and haggle with someone who has no idea of market value.

I only ever sell on gumtree or whatever if I just want to get rid of something. Generally put stuff on at 2/3 of market value, it gets stuff picked up within an hour of placing the ad.

Thanks, I’m going to use that.

I’ve been getting these responses on different items that always say:

“Is this still available? When and where can I pick it up?”

The text is always the same. I’ve learned not to send any details straightaway. I ask about where they are and have they seen similar items for aa better price. Then they never reply and nothing ever comes of it.

^ That’s just the automated message:

Hi Gumtree User Russel,

I’m interested in “Kenevans Racing bicycle”. Is this still available? If so, when and where can I pick it up?


What size is the Kenevans?

^ Moccos size

Gumtree have really fucked up this morning. They are introducing PayPal but it looks like their dev code has been uploaded to production, the result is that I can no longer see any messages from buyers who have contacted me, all I can see are the test messages. Lucky I just delivered my biggest item. I think I’ll head over to ebay for the rest.