Recommendations for large road shoes

I know a couple of the fellas on here are as tall as me, so I thought it would be a good place to get some recommendations on large sized road shoes. I hardly ever find a bricks and mortar store with anything my size so I’m going to risk buying online without trying them first.
I’m a 48-50 Euro, depending on the last. I currently have a pair of cheap Shimano MTB shoes in 50 wide and there’s plenty of room, even with 2 pairs of socks.
I’m not fussy about the type of retention system, as long as it works and is durable. Low weight would be nice.
Are there any that stick out as amazingly good or amazingly bad?

I’m only a 45.5 but I rate the gaerne, their topodel looks sweet-usually all shoes look average in bigger dimensions but these with the big G on the side look sweet in all sizes. Plus they use te BOA system, which is awesome once you’ve had it. Velcro looses its bite after a while and harder to tweak smaller incriments

Provided your feet aren’t too wide look at the Shimano road shoes, they go that big. Sidis would be worth a look too, in the “mega” sizes if your feet are a little on the wide side (megas can be a bit hard to track down tho).

Edit: here you go:

might be a mutually beneficial arrangement there?

Lake do some big boats

I use shimano road shoes in an EU 48. Very comfy and accomodate for my ‘wide-load’ feet.

I’ll be sticking with shimano after these because they are a nice fit

special-ed make big ass shoes.
their comp goes up to a 50, is $200 and is in stock in their warehouse (14 pairs of them), also have 48s and 49s. work if you’re feet aren’t completely flat.

Thanks for all the recommendations. I’ll keep looking at all the options over the next couple of weeks.

User Melvin is selling some newish Sidi road shoes in a 48 for a pretty good price iirc. Look in the parts thread.

Thanks but I would only go 48 if it was known to be a large and wide 48, on account of having wide feet.

So I ended up getting a pair of these in size 49.
Just waiting for them to be back in stock.
Hopefully they’re alright, the price wasn’t too high so it’s not too much of a problem if they’re not.