Red bull roll with it

Friday 2nd November
9pm neverland

will this be the usual head to head elimination bracket style gig?

Thinking of riding down? ^

same format as all of the BNE roller racin

is this that mini velo thingy i saw on polly?!?!?!?!? totes keen

I think it’s just roller racing red, although that mini velodrome thing did look pretty rad.

awwwww… well will polly at least be there?

but with heavier duty bikes and rollers I pressume??? the normal ones surely wouldn’t handle the magnanimous 'roid fueled power outputs and all that additional weight entailed with the concealed weapons you lads roll with

have to walk through security screening and race with bullet proof vests.

We should talk to red bull and see if they can do something for us down Melbourne

No velo but redbull want to do a mimi velo in aus sooner or later

leave your glocks at the door flick knives are ok but

How many people heading down for this? If the swell is good I might go down early then go to this shit after. Is it that usual 20 second type shit? I don’t think I could handle much longer - get puffed walking out of bed these days.

My usual first round loss may be missing i’ll be in melbourne

Bugger, cant make it got a party on, unless prizes are amazing…

male and female winners win a bike plus more

and free EPOs at the door


limited spaces get in quick

What happened?