Red Specialized Stolen? Collingwood.

Just sighted two smackies on Johnston St (between Wellington and Hoddle) wheeling a red Specialized, black bull horns and black aerospoke on the front.

Very obviously stolen.

Anyone on here?

take photos?

Yeah - because drug users never ride bikes. oh, wait a sec…

did they look jaundiced?

Sure it wasn’t a Trek?

didn’t have my phone on me, so no pics, sorry.

unless the fixed trend finally caught up with dudes who rock adidas parachute pants and those nikes with the springs in the heels, it was very much stolen.

Maybe they’re making a few bucks by NJS walking bikes for hipsters who can’t drag themselves away from their tacos and macchiatos.

Im enjoying visualising two smackies njs walking with an aerospoke. You couldnt script it better

tacchiato punks, fuck off!