Red Vivalo stolen in potts point

hey I had my bike stolen last night. its a red Vivalo frame with drop bars. the front rim is a mavic single and the rear rim is a white deep V. I live in Potts Point Sydney and if any one see’s a bike fitting this description could they send me an email at

Mate can you put up a picture? being in Potts Point theres a high chance that it will end up in a pawnbroker for fast cash.

I’m around most days so I’ll definately be keeping an eye out, but a picture would help a lot!

yeah dude for sure. thanks a lot that would be much appreciated. I talked to a guy at one of the pawn shops and he says all the shit that they get in goes onto some database of items and its linked with police records of reported stolen property and if something matches than it alerts the shop keep and police. but he was probably just spinning some shit so he could look legit.

when it was stolen that white rim from the bike in front was on the back of the vivalo frame.

i think i’ve seen you on this bike before, nice looking ride, pitty it got jacked. ill keep my eyes peeled around the innerwest

yeah dude it was lovely. I’m completely miserable.

Thanks man I would appreciate it