Redline 925

Available in Oz yet? Brisbane?

yep, I got mine in Melb 3 weeks ago

Shit yeah!

Well available in Melb, but i would suggest if you can get them in melb you could get them in Brisvegas

3 weeks and its not ready yet PFFT!

yeah it might be ready in 4 months!

where in melb? how much?

Brunswick St Cycles. RRP $899

Cool cant wait to see it next year. :smiley:

Chris, Brunswick Street Cycles has them in stock. Give them a call

it won’t happen overnight be it will happen

Damn you Steve you keep beating me

i saw these back when they first debuted @ Interbike and have been curious/ uber keen ever since…

how is the latest model? is the geo more city friendly or track like? i assume the former

Get a job.


got an old one for sale if you want it.
pm me.

The geo is definately more road friendly not track like. It has a long wheelbase, no toe overlap and a pretty relaxed geometry. Perfect as a fixie for the streets, can adapt well as a cruiser or a speed demon.

Hell yeah i have a yellow star to my name. I feel honoured

a job? NO!!!

damo gets a gold star, well done