Reflective jacket help

A while ago someone posted a link to a jacket that was black in day light, but lit up like a reflective strip when a light was shone on it. Does anyone remember who made them?

I’ve found Illuminite but I seem to remember the jacket that was linked here was substantially less Hubbard.

I remember it but I’ll be damned if I can remember what it was called. I think JAMS posted it.

We-Flashy - Online Store - Reflective Clothing for Modern Times

still dorky but.

I think it might have been Nike Vapor Flash. I remember thinking it was expensive, and this Nike jacket is ~$350. Can’t seem to find it for sale online though. Odd.

City Rain Jacket | Rapha

Not reflective but not dorky :smiley:

Not sure what’s better, dorky or wanky.

Whys the rapha jacket wanky? Cause you don’t own anything from them…? Cause you’ve herd it’s wanky? Cause it’s not gona turn up at the cell bikes sale bin? Cause it’s a well thought out jacket made from descent fabrics and cut so you don’t look like a dork on or off the bike.?

It’s not something I’d buy but if you wana call something wanky then at least try and qualify it a little. Why is it wanky or do you simply have brand hate for stuff you’ve never even tried on…?

F. All of the above.

As In fuck all of the above…?

Option F- All of the above.

So for no real reason at all… Great contribution mate

As opposed to posting the plain black, non-reflective, not relevant Rapha jacket in the thread looking for a reflective jacket. Great contribution, mate.

It’s a nice packable rain jacket that it’s some what relevant to the question posted by some one I’m actually good friends with…

And it’s actually navy not black at it would look quite nice on Stephan… Is that ok by you?

I haven’t seen any jacket’s with reflective qualities that i like the look of/would wear. Usually it’s hard to find a nice fitting, well made jacket but they’re rarely made with anything but a token reflective strip. After too many incidents I fluoro up with a reflective sash/belt over the top of regular clothes or a jacket as it’s light, folds easy and is very visible. As we’re leant forward it helps to have a belt/sash combo because it’s visible from all angles (belts only on cyclists aren’t very visible from the front). It’s important to still have lights as well because those sash/belts are reflective only and them fuckin’ ninja joggers with a death wish won’t see you.

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Nike make a running specific jacket that is grey, but when light hits it is it bright white / reflective. It’s called the Vapor Flash. Pretty awesome. It’s be sweet if there was a cycling version (not that there is a huge difference).

Nike Vapor Flash Reflective Running Jacket.

Would probably wear for commuting if they had more reflector on the back. Remember those t-shirts that had graphics that could light up? They would make god cycling safety wear.

JLN… Yeah that’s the one I mentioned earlier… Can’t find it for sale online though.

Sorry, I didn’t even see your post about it. Yeah, I had a quick look and couldn’t see it online anywhere either. They were selling it at the Nike store in Adelaide a few months ago (which is where I first saw it), but the $350 is pretty steep. Great idea for a jacket though. Wish a cycling version was made (not necessarly by Nike). Maybe they’re for sale at the outlet stores now?

EDIT: Damn, looks like Wiggle were selling it too.

The pics and vids make it look great for cycling. $350 is steep, but it might be worth it. Seems as though it was only officially released in Europe, and is already discontinued on some Nike store sites (is still up on, but 300 euro).

The reflective coating makes it completely unbreathable (and waterproof), which might explain why it didn’t take off. But, there isn’t a waterproof jacket on the market that doesn’t feel like a sauna.

Here’s one on eBay… To small for me.
Nike Running free flash vapor jacket lunar jacke laufjacke m wendejacke nsw | eBay

In regards to the Nike reflective jacket, my brother has this jacket and the 3M coating is wearing quite rapidly. In the rain, the coating comes off and you get silver dusting on your hands. He is considering returning it given he does not use it for running at all.