Regular fixed rides?

Are there any weekly rides or meet-ups happening at the moment?

If not would anyone be interested in a quick 30-40km spin in the evening during the week and possibly some longer rides on the weekends?


Thursday nights. FTWCREW. Look em up on tumblr/facebook or hit up @traditionalcyclist on instagram

Yeah, I know about the FTW rides. Will go along to one soon. Anything else?

Nup. When i lived in Perth it was Beers Instead of Gears which was the predeccesor to FTWCREW.

jump on bikejam on FB, a few more group rides on there

^ I haven’t got Facebook :frowning:

Newish to the area and living in the CBD, keen on after work rides

let me know if your keen, going to try get along to one of these thursday night rides.

Bike Jam’s full moon ride is this Tuesday evening, you should come along to that.

Sounds good, is there usually a stop at half way? Is it just a medium pace?

Cheers for any info

We will be stopping in Palmyra for burgers. Pace is social, don’t worry nobody gets left behind. Hope to see you there!