Reid 4130 Limited Chromoly Frameset

Spotted these on their website, steel frames either frame/fork or complete. Interesting, rattle can matte black, budget banger?

With 105

You could dress that up as nice looking bike, but $300 isn’t exactly a steel.

if i reid that correctly, you dont think $300 is decent pricing?

$300 + a nicer fork + some paint/powdercoat, ends up around the same price as just buying a soma/all city/any other decent brand 4130 frame, that probably still has nicer welds.

This is an interesting one. Between that and the SSCX bike, it seems they are trying to enter a slightly different space in the market. And I think that is the kind of space where the name “Reid” would put people off regardless of the quality. I wonder if they will launch some sub-brand in the not too distant future so they can distinguish their cheep and cheerful junk from something a little nicer.

Yeah, they really should’ve done that as soon as they decided to offer something a bit different from their mainstay of complete turds. Even if sold through the same dealer they could have differentiated themselves enough that the slightly more discerning punter wouldn’t feel any shame in riding it.

agree on a nicer fork, but nothing a light sand and rattle can cant fix, 2pac/powdercoat would seem overkill for it. I think when it goes on sale it will present pretty good value. i mean it is what it is, it aint no kumo/vanilla/speedvagen/stoemper/stinner, but i do wonder how far off it is to a soma/all city

FTFY Jase :wink:

4130 doesn’t make for the lightest tubes, that’s what Surly use isn’t it? Funny how they never quote the weight in the spec sheet.

You can still get these from Linus for $599, although Claris rather than 105

The Reid probably won’t fail.