Reid Review

Any updates on the Reid wheels review can go in here - Reid have asked me when it’s going to be up, and TBH I don’t think they’re expecting much.

(blakey/rolly) if you might have had the opportunity to ride around and write a paragraph or two on them by the end of the week, that would be most awesome.

For those unawares, Reid said they’d buy a banner for the site and give us two sets of their super cheap wheels in exchange for a review…

did you get the email i sent at the exact same time this thread was posted?? haha

i’m happy to take a set for a cough ‘review’.

I almost bought a set of their road wheels the other day… I’ll happy take a set for “review”.

hey zltn. check the front axle size before u buy them. I’m sure it’s fine, but the front axle didn’t fit in the fork on my late 70’s fixayz bike.

fit in my mongoose maurice pub shitter no worries though.

Older front axles are smaller, common problem trying to fit 9mm axles where 5/16" (8mm) would have been used.

Won’t be an issue with modern QR hubs and forks.

And I’m on my half of the review, the spoke stomping part has already been done :wink:

ahhh, thanks blakey. i caused laura serious concern when i did the “wheel walk” on the floorboards the other night (i put folded paper down, EVERYONE RELAX)