Relocation clearout

Moving interstate, don’t want to move things.

Listings popping up here, more being added:

Photodump is here

Those Resist tyres for sale? Size and price?

Is that Bag Man expedition support? Also interested in this.

Needs an old fashioned garage sale. Also I want that tshirt

done that. done the swap. will do garage sale again with home goods to boot.

The Rosko shirt is women’s M. PDM jerz is men’s medium (3).

Can I come check out the PDM Jersey?

I’m keen on that Bagman quick release rack if Larfinboy doesn’t take it.

Doing it wrong blakey, should organise a move by bike smugness convoy to move all your stuff…

I know Tassie degree of difficulty but that just amplifies the potential smugness.

Post of the year lol!


I was so hoping that last one was going to be a recumbent ….

Those 26" tandem wheels - is the rear 135mm?

they surely are!