Remember when,

So it’s friday and I remember ages ago some did a Good Friday thread so I thought I’d fire one up,
Post your Friday pub FOA yarns.
Remember when XBBX organised a pre roobaix mixer and we went to that ironic hipster pirate pub and Jolan left his tyres some where? That was a good night.

Remember the word filter:

That colourway makes your aerospoke look gay…

Gah! What is it with all of you people coming here and trying to remember all the things! Use the search function for your memories!

I remember post one Roobaix when BigAdz, Seb, Scotty Kent, Sime, me, and maybe someone else all went to the Beaufort and were having such a great time we walked out without paying

(I went back and sorted the bill the next day, and Scotty even zapped me his share what a guy)

Haha I never knew about that but a night out with Scotty is always a good night.

I don’t even know where to start…

Sydney ppl: that Bowie Cat where the Crix played Bowie all night and Plunkett crowdsurfed the pub and we had to put Rod in a cab.

^dont’ forget the van-full of Melbourne folks who drove up for it !
one hell of a fun trip.

Remember when seeing someone riding fixed what such a celebrated occurrence that you’d go out of your way to give them the special nod

Remember that time Horatio took his shirt off mid ride?

When Horatio rocked up to Wednesday night ride with rear purple B43, fuck me so good.

When I turned up to 99 problems wearing green rip curl tee shirt and got so roasted by Jay and Sime I nearly cried.

When Prolly aka the Raddish rocked up and then Smuglord defended his terrible track bike, loved it.

My first skid comp in 2009, so scared to meet new faces, but was a blast.

Racin alleycats with Chaz

Strapping the most absurd shit to your messenger bag cos it was 2008 and it was just how you did it.

The very first time I rode brakeless thinking I was the biggest dickhead but could not believe how good it felt.

Those early cross days.

And forever and always: riding down rathdowne st with slight tail wind, a nice 28 degrees on a late spring day. Brakeless track bike, absurd deep drops with jeans and vans no socks and carbina jingling, ticking over the sweetest 68.5 inches so your cadence is about 105 while Benzy does absurd bar rooters while flipping you the bird.

Practising wheelies outside 99 problems drunk out of my mind till i binned it and tore my girls jeans, Sime and Pip pissing themselves at me.

Pip busting through Brunswick/Johnston intersection at about 35 clicks against traffic in front of cop car with slab balanced on his bars, and drinking a beer.

Jay dacking me at Roobaix but instead of that he just ripped the back off my jeans with my ass hanging out.

You get this thread James.

remember when HMC thought i had an 8mm allen key for some reason & rode towards where i was with only one crank, only to discover that he must’ve misheard me & i never had an 8mm allen key?!

That would have been great viewing *back in the day.

*would probably just tut tut now due to responsible adulting…

Nope, would still cheer loudly.

i remember blasting through a red north bound on brunswick st right in front of a cop during one of the midnight alleycats. rode flat out to the rotunda at edi gardens just waiting for a siren that thankfully never came.

I remember seeing Cale in 2009 at my local train station (Heathmont) with a track bike and I was like wow you ride a fixie?

Didn’t pip and cale take the train in to do couriering? So good


Cranky Sundays and seeing the duality of fixie-chaz and archi-chaz depending on if an assessment was due on monday.

Benzy and his alter-ego ‘the phantom menace’.

The infamous skid comp at carlton gardens where lane knocked himself out and was ‘treated’ using more beers and later many shots. i also think a few messengers showed up after their Xmas party totally cooked. i won a bike that day and proceeded to sell it in less that 12hrs. was that the skid comp you are talking about jamesy?

organising alleycats with xBBx and escalating our ideas/amusement. i think the highlight was probably ‘escape from the suburbs’ where we got 50+ people to descend on hurstbridge and ‘ride’ back to the royal exhibition building with one mandatory checkpoint at doncaster westfields. some pretty good stories of the battles on the way back, including a famous bike mech getting a ticket on the freeway, 40km/hr fixie pacelines on bike paths and a well known local bike blogger/ex-enger deciding taking a very bad route after westfield and blowing his lead completely.

The birth of There Will Be Dirts and then their more ‘sensible’ cousin MGG. Complete with the now mandatory fired potato finishing meal.

New mates interstate and visiting them (and having them visit here).

yes that was the comp nik.

How could I forget There Will be Dirt. Still traumatised/so good.

I remember how stoked I was riding my first alleycat - there was a period of six months I guess when there seemed to be an event on every other weekend, usually organised by FoA Mafia.

I remember the day I bought a house in the morning then rode an alleycat in the afternoon. That was a good day.