Remove Lance Armstrong

I’m sure we all know about the whole Lance Armstrong saga and where it’s all at and to be honest the whole thing is starting to really irritate me.

I’m sick of reading Cycling News & Race Results | and finding new articles about the idiot from Texas and what him and his legal team are planning to do next to somehow defend/protect/legitimise an athlete who is dragging the sport further down the toilet each time his name is mentioned in any way.

Has this moron not done enough damage to the sport already?

Am I the only one who thinks that (A) Lance Armstrong should be in prison and (B) cycling media especially should totally ban anything about him from being printed again.

I know this is totally unrealistic although at the same time the whole situation is pretty much making me question my interest in professional bicycle racing completely.

Are are there any other forum users that cringe when opening cycling related websites only to read what Lance and his legal team are planning to do next in the indirect destruction of cycling (racing).

I pretty much don’t read anything regarding him anymore. That means it doesn’t really bother me.

He’s not racing anymore and there have been countless others cheating their asses off as well. Give it up and move forward.

I think he should be boiled in oil

Had an interesting discussion with a mate the other day on this and we concluded that we both don’t really give a shit. What we hate in sport is players who milk penalties by throwing themselves on the ground and alike. Mainly a soccer thing from what I have observed. We decided we’d rather see guys on drugs (cheating) to go better-faster-stronger than guys (cheating) like children.

It’s kinda like doing gas to study longer Vs doing gas to steal other peoples stuff to do more gas, one just seems to be more on a twisted moral high ground. 2c.

I’m with you on this. It affects me about as much as the latest NRL or AFL scandal does, in that it doesn’t affect me at all.

I still get on my bike and ride it, and will continue to do so.

All that being said, I find great amusement in watching the UCI house of cards collapse.

^^ we finally agree on something!

United in apathy.

What do you mean Lance Armstrong is a drug cheat?

He’s been on the Persians for years.

I think the issue is that he won, while on drugs; while others lost to him, while on the same drugs.

Yeah, but the same amount of drugs? he had deeper pockets then the other teams. Presumably this meant better programs, better doctors and better protection from the UCI.

I want y’all to know I got that lance Armstrong tattoo like, more than a year ago. Predicting the future

FATF: bringing the luls once again

Ask any racer. Any pro racer. It don’t matter if you cheat by a little or a lot. Cheating’s cheating.



I thought we’d all gotten over this… obviously not.


TC: I was ashamed of my Lance Armstrong when he was Cancer Jesus. Now I rock it with with pride (partly because the freds are no longer wearing them)

It’s all a bit of a shame to be honest and the state of the sport is only getting worse in my opinion.

All of the superstars of the sport raise questions that nobody will be able to answer.

Is Cavendish really so much better than the other cyclists all the time?

Did Wiggins and Froome really just decide to become the best cyclists in the world at the same time in the same race on the same team?

Boonen is amazing to watch and he has won more than most although I cannot help but wonder what his story will be if it it ever does become something more than just a tough bike rider who liked to win a lot of races.

I look at Goss and his lack of results since Green Edge took a different approach to drugs and the whole thing just makes me wonder…

I think about the TDF 2013 and there is no way I am going to stay up all night watching cheats cheat each other and scandals in the making just because I like nice bikes and appreciate what could possibly be only a handful of clean cyclists in the grupetto.

The cheat (and all those who cheated) should pony up and piss of!