Removing branding from brakes and such

Hey, i want to remove the ‘Ultegra’ logo that is on my brakes, and the Shimano logo thats on my flat bar levers. i heard that Acetone will do the job but wasnt sure, and dont wanna leave a mark. Anybody know?

Best answer gets a wristy behind the shops.

Angle grinder? Aren’t they etched into the metal?

buy a new bike.

Really? they look like a transfer to me.

Anything that eats away at the logo may eat away at the clear anodizing as well, strip the whole lot with oven cleaner and polish it up

Youre a comedian.

One does one’s best.

Get into a less fashionably sensitive sport, like skateboarding. You won’t have to change the brand you ride constantly.

  • Joel

No wristy for you, muppet.

a bit of wet and dry sand paper ever so lightly! thats if its not etched on

They are laser etched I think.
You’re talking about this kind of thing:

Reckon you’d need something more than acetone- what’s that stuff used to remove anodising called?

If you’re ashamed of Ultegra, just buy Dura Ace… :slight_smile:

1200 grit sand paper

Thats them.
Laser Etched = cant be fucked.

Im not really bothered about the branding Ive been riding them for a couple of years. but figured if it were just a matter of basically wiping them off, then why not.

When do you want your hand-shandy?

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