Removing Chrome plating

So I’m doing a fixed conversion on a cyclops frame I have, getting the frame ready for a powder coat. The forks have been chrome plated but the finish is peeling and pretty flakey, an attack with the wire wheel removes the flake pretty well but the rest of the finish is bonded to the fork like chrome tend to do.

  1. Anyone had a go at removing chrome from steel? Everything I read on the net talks about acid dips, which I don’t think the steel part of the fork will particularly like.

  2. Clean it up as best as possible, the uneveness won’t show through a powder coat?

  3. ???

  4. Buy a new fork? (Profit?)

get it sandblasted

Take the forks down to your nearest chome platers and they will dip them for you, fast, easy and cheap.

before plating ask how smooth the surface needs to be. Preparation may be needed to get a pleasing result.