removing drop bar

hi just a total noob question how do i remove my drop bar from a quill stem. Just twisting with force ? there has to be an easier way


YouTube - how to remove handblebarr bike

loosen stem and twist out? be careful you might scratch it.
thats one downside of a quil stem

You need to stretch the stem open a bit - not just twist.
Take out the bolt-use a pedal spanner to ease the slot open a bit while moving the bars to get it of the raised section.
Do the same in reverse to put them back on.

not wanting to be pedantic

  1. take everything off at least one side of the bar
    2 unscrew the bolt
  2. genteelly open the stem so it is easy to move the handlebar ( spanner , wedge etc)
  3. slide handlebar out cursing and gentlly twisting aroung the various F** ing curves
    persistence and manipulation please not brute force

full face

thanks guys