Removing hubs from wheels.

I have a set of hubs laced to tub rims. I want to send the hubs back home to the UK so want to remove them. I had a quick scour on the internet but didn’t find much useful information, I did however read that I need to be careful not to “shock” the flanges.

Any idea about how I go about removing the hubs? Is this something I can do myself easily?

shocking the flanges? i would have thought the stresses placed on hubs while riding would be far greater than anything possible when removing the hubs.
if you want quick= good quality side cutters and cut the spokes. (wear glasses)
if you want probably the nicer way to do just undo all the nipples, this is time consuming though.

remind me never to buy hubs from you :eek::rolleyes:

Is it really that bad just cutting the spokes? What are the consequences? Asploding hubs?

I’ve got time to do a proper job, so just undo the nipples? Just wondered if there was a particular order I should be doing things.

i always cut them the opposite way i would lace them one direction at a time. just cutting it one by one builds up stress on the far flanges and bends the rim. detension the spokes young grasshopper

If I’m reusing the rim, I never cut the spokes, and, it really doesn’t take that long to undo all the nipples.

Just unwind each nipple about 2-3 turns to remove most of the tension, and then you’ll be able to go around and completely unwind each nipple. 5-10 minutes total.

Thanks for that, just what I wanted to know.

I used the spoke cutting method recently. Surprisingly fun. Mind you the wheelset was really old and not under much tension…

More important to make sure the subsequent spoke lacing pattern matches the divots created by the spokes in the previous one than worrying about ‘flange shock’ (crusty old high flange hubs - polished or no - excepted).

Unless, of course, they’re old and seized up. Cutting wheels up, as long as there is some detensioning first (twice round the rim, two turns off each spoke is usually enough) doesn’t stress anything - rims, hubs, fingers.

As long as there’s a couple of turns of tension off each spoke (two goes around), there’s no harm in cutting spokes out of a wheel. Alternate opposite spokes as you cut, then swap 90 degrees.

i cut a small slot in a flat head drill bit so i could unwind the nipples from the top. took a few mins for the whole rim