Removing Locktite?

I have got some stuck “torx” bolts holding on a disc rotor. In a vague attempt to get the bolts out, i have stripped the torx bit but the bolts are not even budging. Does WD-40 or some other penetrating solvent work on dissolving locktite?


Heat breaks loctite down - I think its 300 deg C

When ever removing bolts with a firm degree of locktit, three things will help.

  1. hit the head of the bolt (via a solid tool, in this case torque wrench) with a hammer, half a dozen times. This will crack the locktight and release any tension.

  2. Place you wheel on a solid table top, apply your entire upper body down through the torque wrench and turn very very slowly. Pay attention to the head of the bolt and cease if it begins to strip.

  3. grab a mains powered drill, and drill straight down the head of the bolt (drill bit size should be slightly larger than the width of the bolt (not the head), Once the head of the bolt has snapped off you should be able to remove it easily, as most of the tension (esp on non locktit situations) is the bond between the head of the bolt and the surface area of its location.

The last step is my normal last ditched effort.

Good luck man… Our thoughts are with you on this one.

Oh great :shock: , my wheel doesn’t fit in my oven, also is there a different temp. for fan-forced. :wink:

Angle Grinder, if you just want to use the disk and ditch the hub.

Get one of those mini blow torches from jaycar. Use the next size up torx or find an allen key that kinda fits (imperal or metric).

What colour loctite is it?

Were you using a screwdriver-type torx wrench or a socket? I coudln’t remove disc rotor bolts with anormal screwdriver type thingy, but a socket with a longer tube over it did the job.

I’ve got an impact driver you can use. I haven’t yet found a stuck bolt that didn’t loosen with a hefty smack from that thing.

Otherwise, try what Tristan said - get one of those butane burners from a hardware store and heat it up first. Then when you’re done, use the same burner to make delicious creme brulees!

EDIT: The Loctite website says 325F (162C) is hot enough. Should be able to do that with a heat gun easily or maybe a hairdryer? I don’t think I even know how to use a hairdryer!

Lucky bastard, I wish I had enough hair to use a comb, let alone a hairdryer…

Thanks to all for the helpful hints. Bolts are OUT. Achieved through slotting the top of the bolt with a hacksaw blade and a small file. Then getting a rattle gun with a flat bladed driver on the end and rattling the shit out of it. 2 hours worth of sawing tedium, numerous cursing, beer, lots of it…


Step 4.