Repair stand advice

As Im sick of working on the floor in my lounge room, Im thinking of buying a repair stand, but I have no idea whats good, bad, or terrible. Anyone have anything they swear by(at a reasonable price)?

jon at gripsport makes a very good workshop stand with some cool features.
pro (shimano’s secondary brand) makes a pretty good folding stand that i’ve used in the shop a few times.
i’ve got a park folding workshop stand that is excellent, but not cheap. it probably has the best locking head of all of them tho.

avoid things like the minoura one that you just sit the bike on top of. unstable and hard to work with.
you want a good solid clamping head, and a wide base so it’s stable.

hope this helps a little.

Get one of these

I have one.

I think it was 330 delivered.
Really handy, bloody fantastic and it packs up really small.

Clamps either dropout with the bottom bracket sitting on a rubber part of the stand. This adjusts for different frames.

From someone who didn’t want to buy this stand:

Torpedo 7 advertise a work stand.

That’ll do the job!!

Get, mak’n one, ‘Engineer Monkey’. Then make me one.

Good link though, Blakey…

thanks for the tips y’all.