Repco Fluro - large(r) frame (62cm)

Looking for something retro & fluro - this is the ticket.

Repco Superlite Fluro Neon 62cm Frame - FIXIE Project | eBay

This is my auction, please excuse the over zealous ZOMG AWESOME! type language.

are these things actually at all light?
cos i wouldnt mind getting rid of my heavy-as-fuck repco ‘triathlon’ beater frame

i used a ‘superlite’ as a the donor for my dads roadie build…

more like ‘megaheavy’ but that was probably with a shitty groupset on it more than anything.

They are ok. Not the lightest, but not the heaviest either.

My old superlite was fairly light, I think it was made of Giant cromo tubes or something. Light, but heavy against 531, Columbus etc. I’ve still got the frame lying around if you want to cop a feel

If anyone on here wants it I don’t mind packing up if you arrange a courier. It just needs to be collected within a week so I don’t have to take it to my new place.