Repco Superlite fixed?


Cheers for all the help in my first post. I still have so many options that I don’t know which one to pick…


I have someone offering me an old Repco Superlite in a 54tt (my size) for free. The thing will need work doing, but I was wondering if anyone has seen a Repco SL as a SS/fixie before?

And also, it only has horizontal-ish drop outs. I did some reading around and it seems like the semi-vertical, semi-horizontal drops can be enough to tension the chain. Is this correct?

Anything else I should look for on the frame?


Yeah it should work. You might have to file the dropout a bit on one side though. Post some photos if you can. Definately worth getting for a first ride.

The Superlite is neither super or light but is just fine as a conversion - have at it!

I have one out the back and I think the dropouts would be horizontal enough. You really don’t need a lot of movement.

my first fixed was a superlite. still have it, i’m gonna put the gears back onto it. perfectly fine as a conversion

Schweet. Thanks.

Heavymetal, do you have any pics you could pm me?

Here is mine, currently awaiting a new build but was my commuter for 2 years, it has filled in horizontal dropouts that I took to with a drill and a file to make them horizontal.

yea i got a repco in building stage atm

would you guys bother painting a repco or you think the cost of the paint and stripper and effort would not be worth it for the frame?


I suck at decisions. Are these any good?


Nice generic Cr-Mo track frame. Bikeforums group buy looked like a steal.

But… You have a free Superlite, so why not build that first, make some mistakes, learn a few things. Then after 1000km you’ll know what you do and don’t like about it, which will help you make a wiser decision on your next frame.

We can’t tell you if you like steep track geometry (esp in a 54cm, toe overlap!), all day comfort touring geo or somewhere in between. Do you want a stripped bare bike, or the ability for fenders/bidon/rack? Is a 54cm even the right size for you? You’ll work this stuff out once you start riding and making changes.

I went from a 1974 Raleigh to a 90’s Soren Son custom to a 90’s Giant Perigee and am now on a Surly Cross-check that can switch between hubgeared and fixed. Even within those builds there were bullhorns/drops/risers, clinchers/tubulars, centrepull/dual pivot/cantilever, bare/fenders/rack, flats/candys/atacs/spds…


great bike to get started on. wise words from blakey.

All those things are why i am having so much trouble deciding on the bike/frame I want! I don’t really have the $$$ to get it wrong.

The one issue with the repco is that it is road geometry. So how will I ever know if I like track geo?

The other issue I have is Repco + bits is the same cost as new off the rack… I am just wondering where the value lies. I suppose that’s a personal decision.

Thanks for everyones help again, soz for bothering you all lots.


p.s. I hit ‘post’ and saw heavymetals response. Is the repco worth the cost of the bits? an do I buy extremely cheap bits or go for something with some quality?

  1. Free superlite < $hundreds Alien

  2. If you find the superlite doesn’t feel nimble enough, maybe you want a steeper geo. But seeing as you’re riding street-fixed, road geo makes more sense. Find someone with a track frame and do a back to back comparison with a road frame.

  3. How is a free frame plus a wheelset cheaper than an off the rack complete? You can get basic wheelsets (eg: Formula hubs laced to Alex rims) that are perfectly serviceable. The rest you can scavenge from a recycler or here for little outlay.

  4. A free frame with some better components has more value than a supercheap off the rack complete, as (a) the parts are better quality and will have better resale, but more importantly (b) the parts can be transferred to your subsequent builds and save an additional upgrade step.

  5. Prioritise your component spending as follows (IMHO): Wheels, Sprocket, Cranks, the rest. Seatpost sizes change, saddles are highly personal, stem/bars will likely be swapped a lot initially.


Just needed someone talking sense to me who wasn’t inside my own head :stuck_out_tongue:

The cost of strippers is always worth it, oops, stripper, not so much.

just built mine up again as s/s.

superlite frame, wheelset from my fuji track (formula hubs with cheapy rims & 28c tyres), bmx 18t freewheel, sugino 170mm crank with 46t chainring. etc.

rides nice. letting my gf’s brother ride it to see if he wants a bike. will probably put the gears back on once this current build has run its course…

looks like what I am probably after for my first commuter,

I can’t get my frame until uni exams are over… who can add more hours to the day?

Cheers heavymetal,