Replaceable dropouts on the Fuji Track Pro (09)...

Managed to pick me up a Fuji Track Pro frame that actually fits and I thought I’d squeeze as much out of my build budget as possible. Though I guess they are a little far and few between is there anywhere that actually stocks the replaceable rear dropouts for the FTP or am I going to be continuing to trawl around the dank corners of online classifieds to find some?

this may be a dumb question… but have you contacted Fuji?

Yeah, I’ve shot an email through Fuji’s online support… but alas this has been a slow and unfriutful process. I just figured quite a few fellows on here have a Track Pro so there might be a local dealer or a particular place I might find them online. My bad the first place I go to for anything bikes is here :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you have one, or none at all? You could take one to a machinist who could make something up similar, it shouldn’t be too dear.

  1. Go to a LBS Fuji dealer.
  2. Explain what you need.
  3. Order the part.
  4. Pay the man.

That’s why there is a man at the LBS willing to help you!

No way! They can do that?

Lbs Fuji dealer would be a goldcocks right? Cos they’re the only place that sells them or something? Idk, for some reason I thought they had an exclusivity thing going in, butt noe I remember seeing feathers for sale in pista bikes. W

list of dealers here
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