Replacement Chainring

This is an unashamed plug for Johnny B and Cycle Underground!

I have been chewing chains out too quick on the Gefsco lately and the Campy chainring came up as the main culprit. Getting worn and didn’t help that it is 3/32.

I wanted to retain the look and the new job came up better than the original - cleaner finish and way better drilling geometry! Check the pic - try to overlook my “almost” polish job and photography!

Chainrings - buy local!!

chromeo endorsed!

another vote here.

did you have to specifically ask for the small holes drilled around the circumference?

Is there anything C.U. can’t do?!!!
Did you have it made in 1/8th?
You’re obviously happy with the quality, but whats the verdict on the road?

my CU chainring is smooth and quiet. very pleased.

This is exactly what Ive been looking for! My friend has a Sugino drilled one, and I want a 151BCD size, as well as less teeth than my current one.

What extra stuff did you have to ask for? And did it cost extra? I hope you don’t mind me biting your idea, but Ive been looking for this for ages!

Drillium is hot.

Their chainrings appear to be SS-specific “Because our chainrings are not designed for front gear changes our tooth profile is thicker we have less of a chamfer (less of the corner is machined away.)”

Do they do a derailleur-specific tooth profile as well or is the difference trivial on a geared chainset? I want a couple of unusual chainrings and CU’s ones are cheaper, easier to obtain and sound like a better option.

I listed everything I wanted with Johnny by an exchange of emails and he sent it up, easy as that.

Suggest you each do the same, you will find him realy helpful, have at it!

I am away in Victoria freezing my nuts off and have only ridden it briefly, initial impressions are very favourable, I am pretty fussy about drivetrain noise and feel. The Phil cog is way noisier. Still have to pedal up hills, tho … and down, now that I think of it!!

mine is virtually silent as well. big ups to CU
Once we worked out what I wanted, Johnny cut it and express posted it the same day. I got it the next day. I couldn’t ask for better customer service

He’s not doing shifting rings at the moment as they take fair bit of R&D to get the shifting ramps/pins right. And as you can see from John’s work, he’s not into doing anything halfarsed.