Resist Nomad 35/45C tyres - Aus distro?

Are there any Melb shops that stock Resist Nomad tyres, or importers that carry them? Pref blackwall 45C.


Can’t get them from distro yet Blakey. Markee got his from Bens cycles.

Thanks Gypsy. Will report back to MGG HQ.

just saw this now Blakey, yeah as Gypsy said I got 8 from Bens Cycle and shipping was only $55 (after discount refunded).
I’ve a spare set of all black 45c I was keeping for myself if you cant get any and need immediately?

Angry has some in the mail for testing. Thanks for the offer though.

Given that my 42mm slicks let me tear through a section of rough dirt road faster than Angry on his 32mm CX tyres, and he’s both fitter and a better bike handler than me, I think these will be great tyres for gravel grinder style rides.

Cool. No probs.

Hmmm like the look of those, I reckon I could just about shoehorn 45s into the Road Rat. What width rim for safety?

CC i’m using a 33mm rim and they fit perfectly.

There’s a 35mm version too CC.

45mm on a road rim would get sketchy at lower pressures if you’re cornering hard. On a Dyad / Synergy / Mavic Ax19 you’d be fine.

I run 42mm Hetres on my 650B Synergy wheels and have no problems at 30psi and lower.

Thanks blokes, I have a wheelset with WTB dual duty XCs that might do the job, I think they’re about 27.

Does anyone have a 35mm set of these laying around they may want to sell?

I’ve run 35mm of these previous on my Open Pros, but want to run the 45mm. Will I have any issues with this? I won’t be running them at super lower pressures, I just want a fat commuter tyre.

Thank you.

Dunno about Nomads but I’ve run 40mm CX tyres on Open Pros (and a few other 19mm road rims) with no trouble.

edit: actually I also had some 42mm tyres on OPs too for a short time without any problems.

I’ll commit to it and report back any issues.

Thanks SF.

Where are you guys buying your resists from out of interest?

@moccos and snowflake
45 mm nomads run about 40-42mm anyway according to the interwebs and also on my Mavic A319 rims (bit wider than open pro).

A319s are pretty much 25mm wide, not really a fair comparison. You can fit a normal road-width wheel into the internal width of one of those babies…

eBay has a lot of people seling Nomads (or did when I was looking…)

…though decided against them in favour of 35c Pasela touguards… Similar looks but with a bit more puncture protection. Comparable price too.

I bought my last set from Saint Cloud, I had planned to buy the new ones from there if still available.

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