Anyone know how far you can redish a rear wheel before you start compramising the spoke thread length? Buy my calc’s I need to redish this one 14-15mm but it’s the first time tryin this method, and I’m wondering if I should get some news spokes before tryin.

Any help appreciated :smiley:


try it first, done it a couple of times, not that far, 12 mm from recall, but doable

[Edit] 13mm done by a contact in the US - “The redish went smoothly and I seemed to have plenty of spoke on the one side while not bottoming out the other.”

Finished. Was pretty simple really: Lossen one side, tighten the other. The only thing that put me off was that I’d never messed around with truing or moding wheels before. Had to stuff around with different spacers for the axle, but LBS came through with those and it looks really neat.

Max kudos to NDF for the wheels and the link to the page!